Paramotors of 21st century will be electric or will not be

For a clear mind
First of all, know that we speak about electric cars for 20 years and that little run today, thus patience.
For 2 or 3 years the first electric paramotors fly between 4 and 15 minutes.

There is flight and flight! Flight in landing, with a pilot of 80 kg in plain, that is in real configuration of paramotor. And electric flight in mountain with oversized wings and  thermal, this has nothing to compare and tends to deceive people.

Today it is approximately 1 kg per minute of electric flight.
You want to fly 15 minutes? But do you really want it?
You can dream about a 15 kg paramotor on the back!
You want to fly 1 hour it will be 60 kg!

Very soon Adventure will propose you an E-FunFlyer* with 1 hour of flight guaranteed for a pilot of 80 kg in plain without thermal and with a normal wing loaded in 4,5 kg / m2**

* FunFlyer electric mono trike
** Normal wing load normal in paramotor

Adventure Paramotor's advances

PPG safety

Adventure paramotor eliminated ANY system of manual starting up on its whole range for an evident reason of safety. It is henceforth impossible to start the paramotors Adventure otherwise than on the back.

Having "invented" the electric starter on the paramotor from 92, Adventure still innovates and takes several lengthes beforehand, in order to work at the physical integrity and the safety of our pilots and our customers. With Adventure, keep your ten fingers and fly serenely.

All the devices of the Adventure PPG range are equipped with electric starter and start up safety:

  • R2, R3E, M2, M3, M4, S4,
  • X-Race,
  • the whole Fun Flyer range.

All this with the smile and the skills of Adventure instructors and retailers...

It gets henceforth a total safety for all the Adventure customers who start each time with the paramotor on the back.

Electric paramotor e-flyer

Electric paramotor e-flyer



PPG, easy takeoff

You can inflate the wing in the back or face to the wing, engine off. As soon as the wing is stabilized over your head, a simple impulse on the electric starter and your engine will start at the first compression! It also questions the current pedagogy and make even easier the learning.

It is the whole conception of the paramotor that we reinvent, without changing fundamentally the best concepts:

  • Harness collision: the simplest, most comfortable and sensitive system.
  • Auto-carrier body
  • Cage in several collapsible parts.
  • The most copied propellers in the world.

Electric paramotor e-flyer

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