Adventure Paramotors

Since 1990, Adventure has been designing models and manufacturing processes,
to market efficient and reliable machines, for your pleasure and safety. 

Always ahead of the crowd with a large number of pilots flying our machines,
we are represented in over 30 countries worldwide.


Adventure S.A.

Andrea Testoni

President General Manager

Emmanuel Layan

Production Manager
Test pilot

Pascal Vallee


Stephane Michel

Sales magement

Muriel Ollivaud

Administration & Accounting

Guy Leon-Dufour

Founder and former President


Marketing policy

Powered Paragliding can only be learned in a certified school under the supervision of a qualified instructor. 

It is for these reasons that Adventure has a network of instructors who teach the Adventure way and who sell the Adventure machines and accessories.

Adventure can also make direct sales( at retail price of course) of any materiel (wings, harnesses, motors etc....) in the countries where we are not represented.

Adventure also warns you against what is said on the internet : Be careful, it is not always true !

Go to Adventure schools and don't be afraid to ask questions : your instructor will have the answers.

Trust the biggest school network of paramotors...