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The chassis are composed of two parts, the base acts a shock absorber. In the event of a severe shock it absorbs the energy and protects the pilot.

For beginner pilots an additional bumper is also available.

On all our harnesses an airbag is available as an option to protect the pilot’s body.

Adventure PPGs price list in pdf

Concentrated technology at a compacted price
A full range for every pilot from € 4’242*

Primus 2 with aluminum chassis is lighter than the former model and with a centre of gravity reminiscent of the Pluma much closer to the pilot, making it more comfortable on the ground.

The foot of the chassis and all the propellers are in carbon as standard. The comfort tubes eliminate vibrations and guarantee an optimal propeller alignment and cohesion between the harness and the chassis.

>>> pdf documentation of the PRIMUS

>>> some photos of the PRIMUS

>>> compare the engines of the PRIMUS

*VAT not included

Upgrade your X, X-Race or PRIMUS to PLUMA!


1 830 € (complete kit)

2 750 € (complete kit with new exhaust)

VAT not included

Carbon fibre chassis and mobile swing arm bars and complete cage: 2,65 to 2,95 kg (5.85 to 6.50 lbs) * only !

Manufactured with technologies used by the aerospace industry, using high-performance lasercut Prepreg (pre-impregnated) carbon fibre processed in an autoclave for a guarantee of quality and strength.

The «Pluma» has passed the resistance test (EAPR) at 15G for a pilot weight of 125 kg (275 lbs). A Kevlar layer (tear-resistant material) is integrated in the chassis as an additional dorsal protection for the pilot. Starting from 5 990 € (VAT not included).

>>> pdf documentation of the PLUMA

>>> PLUMA video
>>> PLUMA photos
>>> Crash test video
>>> Compare the engines of the PLUMA
>>> Pluma e-flyer

*Depending on options.



With exclusive Adventure "3D system",
the lateral swing arm bars movement can be locked or unlocked.
Locked position: Comfort Mode, recommended for novice pilots.
Unlocked position: Dynamic Sport Mode for more dynamic piloting, which allows for active piloting with the harness, enabling the true potential of the paramotoring wing.

Performance & quality

Compare the engines

Super lightweight. With its 17.9 kg on Pluma it is our lightest PPG. It offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio for its 16HP, suitable for any pilot up to 80 kg (180 lbs).

Easy-to-use and extremely quiet engine.
With its 25 HP, its thrust and its great responsiveness, it will gratify the pilots up to 110 kg (240 lbs) as well as the lighter pilots looking for power.

Primus 2 PLUMA Atom 80 Eole 135
Size cm 125 115/130
Weight kg from 20.2 24.9
Pilot weight kg up to 80 70 to 110
Cylinder cc 80 135
Power hp 16 25
Thrust kg 55 66/74
Consumption (l/h) 2.5 3.0
Réduction 3.8 3.12
Clutch Standard - -
Starter manual electric
RPM Tachometer - - option
Price 4990 € 5240 €