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The renewal of a best seller


Flying has never been so easy

10 years experience with the Funflyer, single seater and tandem trike, has enabled Adventure Paramotor to design the brand new Funflyer®2.

The single seater Funflyer2 is available with the TIGER engine, famous for its reliability, power to weight ratio, and low consumption. It is also available with the MINI3 EVO engine with a three-bladed propeller of 1.30m for more thrust and silence.

Major technological developments have improved the engines reliability and performance. The MINI3 EVO features: Mitsuba starter, reduction ratio of 3.25 (vs 2.7), oversized PK drive belt (for high power), new air box (for engine smoothness and noise absorption), new crankshaft and crankcase.

This MINI3 EVO engine powers our two-seater trike with a 160 cm three-bladed propeller for a more powerful and quieter machine.


Made in stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber, the FunFlyer2 has a reinforced structure designed on a tandem basis version, with minimum weight.


Its chassis geometry is designed for better wing inflating and better ground acceleration, for short and safety take off. It is also more ergonomic for both single seater and tandem pilotage.

Pilot and passenger positions have been revised with better geometry and seating quality.

Single seater & Tandem

Compare the engines

FunFlyer®2 Single seater Tandem Funflyer®2
Weight 1m68 1m68
Height (total) 1m81 1m95
Height (w/o cage) 1m18 1m21
Length (total) 2m15 2m32
Length (ext wheels) 2m15 2m11
Cage diameter 1m55 1m84
Wheels 400mm 400mm
Wheight 60 kg / Tiger - -
Wheels 62 kg / Moster - -
Wheight 68 kg / Mini 3 82 kg
Chassis Stainless steel and titanium, argon welded
Gas tank 23L
Safety belt 4 points Sparco
Foam 10cm foam, removable & washable honeycomb slipcover
FunFlyer®2 Single seater FunFlyer®2 Single seater Tandem & mono FunFlyer®2



Mini 3 Evo

Type 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke
Cc 160cc 185 cc 270 cc
Power 23 hp 25 hp 34 hp
Mixture 2% 2.5% 2.5%
Drive belt Drive belt PJ Clutch Drive belt PK
Reduction ratio 1/2.85 1/2,87 1/3,25
Starter Electric FIEM DUAL electric & manual Electric MITSUBA
Battery 14,8V Li-Po 14,8V Li-Po 12V LiFepo4
Carbon propeller 1m30 two blades 1m30 two blades 1m60 three blades
Thrust 70kg 85kg 125kg
Autonomy + 4h 4h 3h