4 types of Adventure harness

Hight Tech 4
For X range or former models
Size M, L or XL

For X-Race (Tiger, 200, 100)
3.3 kg - Size S or M

For X-Race, 2.4 kg - 1 size
(but with different seat plate extension, size S or M when order)

Inflation / Passenger
Basic harness for glider inflating practise on the ground or harness for foot launch tandem passenger (with the new roll-bar).

Harnesses for PPG

X-Race Light Harness (- 1 kg)

Adjustable size S or M

1) Two attachment point heights: sizes S & M.
5) Zip to estend the back from size S to M.
6) Two seat plate extensions, size S or M (when order).

Comfort and technicality

2) Back convoluted foam for comfort. Also on the shoulder straps.
3) Side container (option) zipped instead of the pocket. Fits all sizes of single parachute.
4) Pulley for auto-tiltable seat plate: aid takeoff, landing and use of the speedbar.
7) Neoprene for greater comfort on the thighs.
8) Carbon seat plate.



High Tech 4 harness

Extremely comfortable, it is equipped with a big dorsal pocket with a thick foam, and laterally with a small pocket containing a mirror to see the level of gas.
Two side slide bars facilitate the takeoff and allow a regulation in flight. Finally, it is pre-equipped to receive a reserve.

Three automatic buckles facilitate the installation and multiple regulations improve the comfort in flight.
Available in 3 sizes: M, L, and XL

The crossing straps allows to balance the weight of the pilot on 2 elevators in case of turbulence, for a bigger safety in flight.

Kit for intallation of the reserve

The high tech 4 harness having specially been conceived to integrate a reserve parachute, a kit is however necessary to install it in lap position