with our upgrade kits


M to X at 825 € 
M to X RACE at 2075 € 
M to X RACE LT at 3075 €

X to X RACE at 1742 € 
X to X RACE LT 2742 €

X RACE to X RACE LT 2075 €

These prices are for complete spare parts kits, not inculding VAT, shipment or assembly fees.

Bodies are delivered together with new fuel tank, shock mounts, electric wiring and primer.

PPG new parts & accessories 

Fall-Winter 2014
Upgrade your M2, M3 or M4 into XT2, XT3 or XT4

Caution: propeller cages and bodies for former F,A,S,R & M models will be no longer produced in 2015.

New composite body-frame, new 15 liter fuel tank, new collapsible propeller-cage, new harness slide bars
+ mounting parts, shock-mounts, fuel pipe, check valve, fuel filter, small hardware. All brand new.

All the qualities of the Adventure machines are saved (design, durability, disassembly, in-flight comfort) + more decisive developments in easier take-off, compact once disassembled, that''s the new "X".

Order the complete upgrade set for only 825 € (+ shipping fees and VAT for EC)

Upgrade your M2, M3 or M4 into X-Race 2, 3 or 4

Same conditions as for the XT upgrade but with harness and mobile bars at 2075 € (+ shipping fees and VAT for EC)


September 2014: X-Race LT

Even lighter:
Full carbon body (- 1.7 kg and closer to the back)
with its 3D system for free pilotage sensations.

Race LT

X-Race LT doc in pdf


Decembre 2013 : Titanium exhaust for Tiger

2 kilos lighter ! 



Mai 2013 : New Lithium Polymer battery



April 2013: Fun NANO Bi 

Nano Bi

Nano exists now in tandem version.
Reference : FUN NANO 2


May 2012 :
Cameleon V2 handle

Acclaimed by our champion Pascal Vallée, ergonomic throttle from AEF is now available at Adventure in version 2.

More info

Electrical Layout


May 2012 : New paramotor fuel tank

  • More ergonomic, more stable, more resistant
  • Same capacity of 15 liters
  • Allow take off with less fuel inside
  • Moved 5 cm forward to prevent propeller contact in crash
  • Available in stock and can be fitted instead of the former tank (X models)



2012 : Tiger Silence in size 3

The new silence version of our 160 cc engine with 3 dB noise reduction was previously available in size 4 (130 cm) only.

It is now also available in size 3. The propeller of 115 cm, wood or carbon, 
is accompanied by a black anodized primary pulley to stand out from the previous version.

Possibility of transforming the M3-4, XT3-4 and XRACE 3-4 in this new version, also equiped on demand on these new machines.

Carbon/wooden propeller XM4 
Engine puley SIM3327B



Late July 2011 : the Fun NANO

Fun Nano

The mini (nano) trike that gives wheels to your X or X-Race.
More details in the trikes.


July 2011 :
New hand throttle

For a better grip, better gas control, better comfort, new design...

Ergonomic injected plastic handle, all models tachometer, main circuit breaker and secured starter.

The spare part will be available end of July.