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8.0 exhaust silencer

Adventure Paramotor All the news 8.0 exhaust silencer Published the 25 April 2017

8.0 exhaust silencer

REMINDER on the silencer cartridges of this model mounted on 8.0 engineseries numbers beginning with A... and B...

Following customers feedback, Adventure wishes to inform users of the need for a good pre-flight visit and a systematic check of the silencer studs of the 8.0 cartridge concerned by the above serial numbers.

Indeed, if the user flies with the loosened cartridge there is every chance that the studs will end up loosening or break by the vibrations. In this case, the studs such as the cartridge outlet and even the entire silencer have a high probability of being projected into the propeller and the paramotor cage. This can lead to mechanical breakages but also a potential risk for the pilot.

New cartridges equip the models since, their internal assembly allows for greater latitude in case of pre-flight check failure. You may purchase them from your Adventure dealer, or from our eshop.