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Adventure Paramotor All the news e-flyer Published the 01 August 2018


PLUMA e-flyer

Silence, cleanness, simplicity and plug & play technology

We would add reliability, comfort and an incredibly smoothness…
Because it is a privilege to fly with an electric aircraft and this dream is already shared by some elected pilots, come join us! 

The power pack is built in France at ACS, a subcontractor of AIRBUS Group; designed to provide maximum endurance, each motor is tested on the power bench before shipment.
The latest generation Li-Ion batteries allow significant energy storage.

The quality of these engines has already been proven in competition: World Champions in Electric Slalom (Poland 2015). The engines are also used for daily pilot training.

Eprops propeller is available in 2 or optional 4 blades for more thrust.

More details coming soon on our website.

PDF documentation
Price list of our foot-launch PPGs

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